Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Art of Surfing

I was interested to find about a new show touring the country this year entitled 'an art history of British Surfing'. The exhibition has been put together by Brighton-based not for profit organisation, The Surfing Museum and is sponsored by the clothing company Oxbow and the Kind Design graphics team in North Devon.

The press release from the organisers reads:

Art and surfing have been inextricably linked for hundreds of years, and now a new exhibition looks at how both these elements combined to glide into British consciousness over the past few centuries.

From early sketches of surfers during the voyages of Captain James Cook in the 18th century and iconic hand sculpted wooden surfboards, to the flower power of the 1960s and garish fluorescent colours of the 1980s – paintings, posters, photography and film – ‘an art history of British surfing’ is a visual feast.

“Surfing is part of everyday culture in the UK today, it’s imagery is the marketing person’s dream come true,“ said director of The Surfing Museum, Peter Robinson. “It is something that has always captured the public’s imagination, probably because of its innovation, free flowing form and laid back lifestyle.”

On display will be original British surfboards dating back almost a century featuring art and sculptural form. It will be complemented by an eclectic mix of memorabilia showing amazing artwork from the creative minds of surfers and those drawn to this ancient pastime.

The next stop on the UK tour is Red House Museum in Christchurch - May 3rd to June 14th 2008


Beach Bum said...

I see you're sticking with this melarkey ... so I've stuck a link to your site over at my shack .. you still working in the Maritime btw? Was down there checking out the diving expo and was at the surf one you referred to earlier. Great spot - worryingly people free at times though...

Rosanne said...

Thanks - that's really cool. I left the Museum around the same time the surfing exhibition moved on. It's a fantastic Museum with a really dedicated team and some top-class exhibitions but I agree with you on the visitor numbers. No easy solution to that problem.