Thursday, 5 June 2008

Beach Polo Anyone?

Billed as "the ultimate culture clash," Polo on the Beach returns to Cornwall this September. Last year the event was held for the first time on a UK beach at Watergate Bay and the tongue in cheek press release promises that upon its return in 2008 "sunbleached surfers will rub shoulders with the thoroughbred set in the late summer's evening of saltwater adrenaline."

Interesting... it's a free event and might be worth a look, if only to see how well cocktail dresses and stillettos translate onto a wet and windy Cornish beach where "turf meets surf."


Beach Bum said...

News to me.Presumably, they'll all be coming down from Rock then? Someone will be fretting about horse shite (is the technical term manure?)on the beach, I bet.

Life On Spec said...

I love this photo!