Friday, 6 June 2008

Yearning for the Shortstraw

I really love the vibe of this art-based surf wear brand. Co-founded by Jim Mitchell, Sam Coombes and Ben Waters these guys take their inspiration from "pre-war Hawaii and its original innovators, 50’s and 60’s California and its smooth stylemasters, the wild trailblazers of Australia in the late 60’s and 70’s, through to the present free-thinking watermen who embody a new time of openness, reverence and genuine stoke for difference and variety."

Shortstraw offers a refreshing approach to surf wear that embraces the original concept of the sport - the joy of foam dancing. They've only been going a couple of years but came from the stables of Mambo and so, with a combination of talent and experience, Shortstraw has already won over some of the most influential stockists in their native Australia and in the States. Great website, great brand, awesome threads but one request... please can you roll out some gear for the girls?


bandit chief said...

thanks for the kind words! fine threads for the girls part of the masterplan ... will keep you posted

bandit chief said...

hey ZimZala, thanks for hitting up our blog. To answer you question about Shorty gear in the UK - Ben Reilly at Trans Surf, Newquay, Cornwall is currently our solo stockist

enjoyed your site as usual today - always an interesting read