Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Celine Chat at The International Surfing Museum

Celine Chat - Psychedelic Day

Celine Chat is an artist I originally found out about through COTW. I instantly fell in love with her pictures from Guadelope of female surfers painted in beautiful bright colours and full of fun (see above). Trying to discover more about her and find examples of her other artwork has been pretty hard.

Thankfully however she has just recently updated her website and added a whole heap of artwork and travelling photos, probably to coincide with the launch of her new exhibition, opening 20 April, at the International Surfing Museum of Huntington Beach in California. Running throughout the summer the exhibition will include a selection of Celine's artwork painted during her time in Australia, the Caribbean and Brazil.

Celine Chat is a surfer and artist from France. For the past twelve years, she has traveled all over the world in the quest for good waves to surf, different cultures to engage with, and new people to meet. All those discoveries and experiences compose her inspiration. From each of her journeys she came back with a series of very different paintings, distinctive in their style to reflect her lifestyle at that time as well as the country she was living in.

Her unique and creative artwork is now renowned in many countries including France, the US, Australia, the West Indies and Brazil, where last November she was invited, as the only European surf artist, to exhibit at the IV Mostra Alma Surf: an International Surf Culture Festival.

For more of Celine's beautiful pictures, check out her website www.celine-chat.com and if, by some small miracle, anyone happens to read this who visits the show I would love to know what you thought of it.

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