Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Way of The Bird

Having taken a look at Andy Davis’ art I spotted that a while back he had co-written a book with Andrew Kidman which I tracked down on Amazon the other week. It arrived from America really quickly and straight out of the box I read the story of the boy who meets an old man who teaches him to surf and becomes a very influential friend.

Teaming Andy Davis’ illustrations with Andrew Kidman’s photography resulted in a beautiful fit. The book maybe aimed at children but its appeal extends far wider, teaching its readers about the history of surfing, instilling an appreciation for the waves and cultivating a respect for the environment.

I loved simplicity of this book and the enchanting mystery behind the story reminded me of the wonderful Ernest Hemmingway novel The Old Man and The Sea. If I haven't done a good enough job of convincing you it's well worth a read then here is the link to an interview with Andy and Andrew about this book from back in July 2003.

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richard esq said...

what a great book!
sits very nicely alongside MY LIFE WITH THE WAVE-catherine cowan/mark buehner based on the stoy by OCTAVIO PAZ

lovely books that are again high on my sons list & mine too:)

great blog,will link accordingly!