Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Heather Brown

Heather Brown - In the Barrel

Hawaiian surf artist, Heather Brown is featured in the latest edition of Foam Magazine. There were a load of positive comments after the feature on the website which prompted me to check out her website.

Based on Oahu's north shore, Heather is a surfer and artist who doesn't have to search very far for inspiration. The islands that are her home, the enviable choice of perfect breaks and her love of the sea all combine to make up the essence of her art.

Working in various mediums including acrylics, photography, woodblock prints, screen prints, intaglio prints and linocuts her pictures have a beautiful stained glass effect and she has evidently established a substantial fan base. The picture posted here is from 2006 and has appeared on the pages of both Free Surf magazine and Longboard magazine in 2007.

Having recently been commissioned to do the artwork for Jack Johnson's 2008 Kokua Fest concert, Heather is about to host a solo exhibition entitled fresh flavours of surf at the Chinatown Boardroom in Honolulu which opens on 30 April and runs for the month of May.

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Hey, if you like Heather's work, check out an online exhibit of her work at...