Monday, 21 April 2008

Loose-Fit Film Night

I watched the trailer for One California Day and the film looks awesome. This is an artistic surf documentary about surf culture and the traditions of the sport, filmed across six different coastal regions in California and focusing in on the lives of seven different surfers. The movie has been available on DVD stateside since November 2007 but Loose-Fit, in North Devon, is one of the few places in the UK that stocks it.

Following the success of their first film night last month in Bristol, Loose-Fit has decided to do a re-run of the event, this time showing One California Day on Sunday 4 May at 8pm. Here's a trailer that gives some insight into the making of the documentary.

While i'm on the subject, Loose-Fit has a great website and recently I signed up to their 'daily drop' delivering a slice of North Devon beach life straight to my inbox two or three times a week. Nice.The website is great with lots of non-commercial content, the shops look cool, damn they even have a gallery space which has hosted exhibitions by Alex Knost and Devon Howard - have a gander yourself

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