Monday, 7 April 2008

Driftwood Gallery

Cruising the web to discover more about surf culture I have looked on with envy at the multitude of events and exhibitions that seem to spring up on the other side of the Atlantic. Galleries and surf shops such as Mollusk in New York and The Surf Gallery at Laguna Beach in California seem to host some serious parties showcasing the work of the artists I have read so much about on a regular basis.

But then I came across the Driftwood Gallery in Cornwall. With three shops in Truro, Newquay and Ilfracombe (Devon - but I won't hold that against them)their website has a dedicated section on surf art and the galleries house collections by some of the greats including Wolfgang Bloch, Thomas Campbell, Harry Daily, Albe Falzon and George Greenough as well as a good selection of hot local talent too.

I've signed up to the mailing list and chatted to a couple of guys about various paintings and upcoming shows but if last year's Switchfoot exhibition is anything to go by then this a gallery I will definitely be keeping my eye on. Have a look for yourself

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