Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Thumb a Drift

The stylish looking Drift Magazine has been available as a digital publication, to download free from the internet, for almost three years. During its infancy the first few editions have brought its readers informative features, inspiring interviews, stunning photography and a commitment to highlighting sustainability within the industry.

I've stopped by the website more than a few times over the past six months or so and was pleasantly surprised to see the first edition of the paper version take prime position in the sports section of a London Borders at the end of March. Produced every other month the cultural articles and focus on the 'alternative surf scene' are my highlights with issues such as coastal management, community projects and travel keeping me addicted.

I'm all for spreading the word of this great title - and as paid-for digital subscribtions are not currently a viable option, expanding into a traditional print format is the only way to increase interest and build the readership - but as a self-proclaimed 'environmentally-friendly magazine' i'm glad the publishers are going on record to commit to looking at alternatives to replace a tree paper magazine and working to reduce the carbon footprint of overseas fulfilment by producing the magazine in different parts of the world.

Check out the website to see digital copies as well as some nice image albums, good video content and a long list of surfing blogs.

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